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What Season do You Choose for Decoration?

by Rick Anderson

Many decorators do not know how to choose the right season for construction. Let's introduce the advantages and disadvantages of every quarter. Then you can combine to choose the most suitable seasonal decoration.  

I. Spring Decoration

The spring decoration is good for stability of wood quality. Damp and deform in this season are not easy to affect Wood. It is convenient to store and use.

Spring decoration is different between south and the north. The climate in the north is dry. Many construction materials are inflammable and explosive products. This implies a great potential safety hazard. In the north, sandstorms are large in spring. Indoor dust is large. It has certain influence on decoration. Yet the south is humid during the plum rains season. It is not good for decoration.

Maybe you are in north. It is crucial before and after stopping heating. Pay attention to the changes in construction techniques. Such as painting, gray batch, wall painting, etc. Cement related operations need different construction techniques during the heating period and the off-heating period. They ensure the engineering quality. It maybe humid weather in the south. You can brush moisture-proof oil on the furniture surface. It can play a certain moisture-proof role.

Second, Summer Decoration

The decoration price for summer decoration will be affordable. The days are long in summer. There is plenty of time for construction. The environmental protection of materials is easier to identify. Fast air circulation ensures the environmental protection of decoration. The disadvantages are poor construction environment for workers. Summer has fast evaporation of water and variability of materials. The humidity in summer is high. The paint is not easy to dry. Condensed water is easy to occur.

You can buy materials with low moisture content in summer. Those materials have low moisture content. They are relatively dry. Put them on hold for a day or two after entering the site. It avoids material deformation. We will choose water and electricity pipes and adhesive tapes. Try to choose those with strong temperature resistance. The insulating adhesive tape of circuit joints is easy to fall off. They will suffer long-term high temperature. At this time, you can select the connector to replace the black adhesive tape. It will avoid the scene of adhesive tape falling off at the joint.

Three, autumn decoration

The autumn decoration can enjoy the brisk. It is conducive to workers' construction. The disadvantage of autumn decoration is that most decoration materials are flammable. It is a dry climate. Bad ventilation will make the volatile gas from the paint not easy to discharge. They will accumulate indoors. It is easy to lead to fire accidents. The dry climate is easy to make trouble. It will crack the floor, wallpaper and wall surface.

Moreover, it is very dry in autumn. Wood is easy to crack. Paint coatings are easy to volatilize. Its storage container must be sealed well. Try to store them separately in different rooms.

Four, winter decoration

Decoration has its advantages in winter. Wood is not easy to deform in winter. The moisture content of wood in winter is the lowest. Wood is not easy to expose and deform. In addition, the decoration paint dries quickly in winter. The air is relatively dry in winter. The paint dries quickly. At this time, the paint effect is the best.

But the disadvantage of winter decoration is more prominent. In winter, ceramic tiles are prone to poor adhesion. In winter, sandstorms are large in the north. It easily affects the paint effect. The preservation of decoration materials is important. You should pay attention to methods to prevent freezing and cracking. You may paint in winter. You can choose calm weather for painting. Ensure that the ambient temperature for coating. It will be not less than 5 degrees Celsius. The ambient temperature when varnish is not less than 8 degrees Celsius. You should strictly refer the coating temperature in the product description.

We have listed advantages and disadvantages of the above four seasons' decoration. After reading these, choose a good season to start work as soon as possible.

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