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What is the Affordable Luxury Style?

by Rick Anderson

Affordable luxury style is an increasingly popular design style in the home industry. It is between luxury and simplicity and enters the public's vision with a low-key and noble attitude. It has become one of the design styles sought after by young people.

Different from other styles, luxury design is defined as "an attitude design". From the layout of the frame to the handling of details, it is low-key and shows noble and elegant meaning. With a unique design language, it shows its proper delicacy and philosophy of life.

Today, let's make a detailed analysis. Inspired by this, feel this design style with its own philosophy of life.

The early term "affordable luxury" began in the clothing industry. When people are discouraged from traditional luxury goods, a design concept based on affordable luxury has emerged. Its appearance meets people's multiple demands for quality, price and design. It is a concept of birth under the evolution of traditional luxury goods. It is also people's pursuit and yearning for quality life.

The concept of luxury has gradually become routine. It is not only in the limelight of the clothing industry, but also infiltrated into the pursuit of food, travel and so on. It integrates this style concept into interior design. And has formed the affordable luxury style that is now favored. The affordable luxury style brought into interior design takes simplicity as the initial design heart. So as to evolve the aesthetics of affordable luxury.

The affordable luxury style is consistent with these two specific elements.

In the style of affordable luxury, luxurious but not extravagant is the most important visual element. Simplicity has a hint of luxury. However, it is the last realm pursued to show low profile and composure. To achieve such a design effect, it is necessary to focus on the balance between "affordable " and "luxury". The so-called "affordable " means "simple". The design technique is embodied in the elimination of complexity and simplicity. The overall design is completed with a simple facade, clean lines and uniform colors. "Luxury" means the "luxury" of material and the "luxury" of soft outfit. The "luxury" here is not blindly graceful and luxurious. Instead, it reflects "luxury" in the sense of quality and design.

The sense of design is the core embodiment of the affordable luxury space. The scene design that highlights the sense of design is the soul of the whole style. As its most important visual element runs through the entire space. In terms of external expression of space, linear aesthetics is the main design context. Lightsome shapes and flexible designs are embedded in the spatial layout and furnishings. It gives the space a rich layered expression.

In addition, the elegant design is reflected in the comfort. It has comfortable colors, soft lines and other designs. Different from the traditional cold style, the affordable luxury style has a warm display.

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