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What is Strong Current? What is Weak Current?

by Rick Anderson

In our daily life, we occasionally hear two concepts. They are strong current and weak current. So, what are the strong current and weak current? What is the difference between the two? What is the relationship between the two and people's daily life? Let's take a look at it together.

What is Strong Current?

Strong current, as its name implies, is a relatively strong current. Generally speaking, the processing object of strong current is energy. Its main characteristics are high current, high power, high voltage, etc.

What is Weak Current?

Weak current generally refers to DC circuit or audio circuit, etc. Its main characteristic is low voltage.

What is the Difference Between the Two?

Strong current and weak current are easy to distinguish. They have different uses. Strong current is mainly used in power energy. For example, electric lights, sockets, heaters and refrigerators. These are high-power electrical equipment in the home. Weak current is mainly used for information transmission. For example, audio and video lines, network lines, telephone, computer and TV signal input in the home. They are weak current electrical equipment.

Strong current and weak current are closely related to people's lives, especially in decoration. Maybe the cables of strong and weak current are unreasonable. It is easy to affect everyone's future life. So, we can see the precautions in the cable arrangement of strong and weak current.

1. Arrange Strong Current and Weak Current Separately.

You can't arrange strong and weak currents together. Strong current will interfere with weak current. It thus affects home TV, computers and other equipment. They need information transmission. Therefore, when decorating, we must arrange strong current and weak current separately.

2. It is Better to Separate Pipes for Different Weak Wires.

Weak wires may generate signal interference. Therefore, when decorating, it is better to separate different weak wires. Such as telephone lines, TV lines, network lines, etc. This will ensure the stable use of weak current electrical equipment at home.

3. Don't Place Too Many Lines in the Same Pipe

Sometimes there are too many lines in one pipe. It will affect the use of the equipment. It is not convenient for us to replace the lines in the future. Therefore, if conditions permit, try not to place more than 4 wires in the same pipe. At the same time, the distance between a power cord socket and a weak current socket is preferably greater than 500 mm.

4. Equip with a Separate Distribution Box

You'd better equip a separate distribution box between the strong and weak current. Meanwhile, you should set a leakage protector. It ensures the safe use of strong and weak current.

5. Selection of Conduits

The quality of the pipes must be good. At present, dark lines always equip with flame retardant and insulated pipelines. They prevent circuit problems from affecting our living safety.

Generally speaking, the quality of the wires in the newly built houses is up to standard. So, there is basically no need to rearrange the wires. However, maybe you build house by yourself or know that your own wires are not good. You need to properly arrange the strong and weak current cables in your home. In short, pay attention when arranging the cables. You must ensure the safety of your latter use!

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