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What is Luxury Style

by Rick Anderson

People may hear “light luxury” when designers introduce decoration styles. This word appears in many design styles. From classical to modern. From new Chinese to American. More or less will be involved. But after all, what kind of style is luxury style?


First of all, let's talk about "light".

"Light" here does not mean our traditional weight. It is an expression opposite to multiplicity or massiness. That is, concise and relaxed.

Therefore, we need to achieve light luxury in decoration style. We cannot be too complicated in the tone of decoration. For example, there are many decorative carvings in Chinese decoration. Such as carvings, calligraphy and painting, embroidery and other decorations. There are also carvings on furniture. These decorative carvings can couple with the overall style of Chinese decoration. It appears very suitable, exquisite and thick. Many people like this style. However, young man is the main force in buying and decorating houses. The Chinese style is no longer popular with most young Chinese. Therefore, we should simplify the new Chinese style. Upgrades its practicability. This is the effect of "light" in Chinese style. It increases the practicability in decoration. It reduces too many unnecessary parts.

After being "light", we will work in another direction: "luxury".

"Luxury" here means luxury and expensive. This is a narrow interpretation. The broad sense of "luxury" should be a gorgeous feeling of some articles and materials in home design.


Generally speaking, the floor design in the home mainly adopt some bright-tone. Yet we may want to reflect the magnificence of the design. We cannot use ordinary floors. Try to use some marble-lined floors as the first choice. The change of the texture of marble is the element needed in the luxury style. In addition, you will choose chandeliers or decorations. Try to choose products with crystal or glass. The treatment of light by these products bring a feeling of luxury. In addition, you can choose metal materials or materials with metal quality for furniture. Match with black, white, gray and other keynote colors. The decoration will be more gorgeous.

In fact, the style of light luxury is hard to say in a word. The definition of light luxury is only a vague and general definition. Therefore, many decoration styles can use light luxury design elements. This is why many designers now mention luxury when decorating.


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