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What are the Categories of the European Decoration Style

by Rick Anderson

For many families, decoration is a headache. Faced with the choice of decoration style and the order of decoration, many people do not know much about it. Most people will consult the decoration company. Through the decoration company, we know that many families are more inclined to European decoration style. Because European decoration style will have a gorgeous and rich atmosphere. It brings people a sense of luxury. So, what are the categories of European decoration styles? The following is a detailed introduction to several European decoration styles.

Nordic Style

Northern Europe is natural and concise. This style uses light colors as the main color. Most Nordic style furniture will be made of solid wood. It uses Chinese fir, pine, oak and beech as raw materials. These materials are environmentally friendly. They can give people an original sense of tradition. A small amount of metal and glass products are added to the furniture. And they make the Nordic style more modern.

Mediterranean style

The main trait of Mediterranean style is simplicity. The more classic color combinations include blue and white, yellow, blue and purple and green, and yellow and reddish brown. Mediterranean-style houses and furniture have natural lines. They are round. And they are coupled with small stones, glass beads and other decorations for embellishment. Curtains, sofa covers, tablecloths are low-color tones. It makes the whole home look more beautiful.

Baroque style

Baroque style is a rich color of religion and pleasure. And it pays more attention to sports. Most articles will use round, elliptical and arc shapes to express tension. It has strong religious color. Articles made of a large amount of gold plating, gypsum or whitewash plaster, marble and other raw materials will be used as decorations. The ceiling at the top of the house will have murals or religious contents.

American style

The American style draws on the elements of classicism and neoclassicism. Through simple lines and elegant decoration, the whole decoration style is more classical. It pays more attention to the utility, quality and details of the article. The articles are rich in color and integrate various customs.

Simple European Style

Most of the simple European styles are dominated by light colors of ivory white. Simple European style is decent. It has a strong European flavor. From the whole to the part, it is exquisite. And it brings a fresh and natural style to people. Simple Europe is a popular decoration style at present. It is loved by many people.

Different families have different sizes and different patterns. If you want to have a unique decoration style, you can consult the designers of the decoration company. The above is the European decoration style for you. I believe there is one suitable for you.


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