Should You Decorate in Summer?

Generally speaking, summer decoration is more suitable than other seasons. Especially winter decoration. What are the advantages of summer decoration?

Advantages of Summer Decoration:

1. It is Easy to Find a Decorator with Good Craftsmanship.

You can easily find skilled workers during this period. In summer, the days are long. The working hours of decoration workers are relatively prolonged. This is helpful to speed up the project progress. It can shorten the construction period.

2. The Materials are Environmentally Friendly and Easy to Distinguish.

When the temperature is high in summer, the quality of materials will become more obvious. The common high temperature in summer will make the toxic substances in the board volatilize faster.

3. Good Construction Effect in Summer

Projects with many problems will be obvious in summer. The air is dry in autumn. The floor gap will increase. The problem of wallpaper cracking often occurs. This is conducive to the timely discovery and repair of hidden dangers.

4. Woodworking Paint Has Better Effect

There is much humid weather in summer. Yet the effect of painting in summer will be better. We can say the carpentry. The high temperature brings the low ash content in the air. It makes the paint film well-formed. Moreover, the paint dries quickly. The polishing will be timely. It will present the glossiness of the paint to the greatest extent. The paint effect will be the best.

5. It is Convenient to Put an End to Wall Problems

The temperature is humid in summer. The putty scraped before wall painting can dry out slowly. Then paint will not fall off after decoration. It won't affect the construction effect of the wall surface. This will fundamentally avoid many problems. Like wall pulverization, blistering and cracking.

6. Tile Sticking is Firmer

Summer has higher temperature. The water evaporation in summer is the highest in the four seasons. We need to ensure greater water absorption of ceramic tiles. We will soak them in advance. Some have to undergo secondary flooding. In this way, the ceramic tiles are water-saturated. They can firmly adhere to the ground and walls. Moreover, pour the surface of the ceramic tile with water. Then open the window for ventilation and natural drying. Sticked tiles can achieve the strongest effect.

Precautions for Summer Decoration

1. Pay Attention to Fire Prevention and Other Safety in Summer Decoration

In summer, the temperature is high and hot. Numerous wooden building materials will accumulate during interior decoration. Therefore, fire prevention is an essential problem. During construction, one should place inflammable items in a cool and ventilated place. Such as wall paint and oil. Do not place on balconies where sun beat down. Ask workers to clean up the construction site regularly. Remove combustible materials such as sawdust and paint dirt. Try to avoid placing numerous wood products indoors. Prevent building materials from burning. Avoid electric sparks when electric tools are used.

2. Ventilate Frequently to Prevent Pollution Caused by Decoration.

Summer decoration should choose non-toxic and less toxic decoration materials. Please employ regular decoration company. Do a good job in the ventilation and air purification of the decoration room.

Therefore, we can see that as long as we can overcome some minor problems, it is indeed a good choice to decorate in summer.

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