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Several Tips of Living Room Decoration

by Rick Anderson

In the continuous development of the Internet, many industries flourished. Many industries are gradually declining, only the home furnishing industry is still evergreen. Buying a house is just what every young need, and decoration is also a natural choice for every family. The living room is the place where home decoration most reflects personal taste. Regardless of the size of the living room, choose the appropriate decoration style, it can still have a sense of hierarchy. Perfectly matched with home furnishings, the texture is still bursting.

1. The living room is dominated by cool colors, leaving a calm impression. The combination of the off-white wall ceiling and the colorful sofa dining chair is neither rich nor dull. The simple and fresh wooden background wall and unique parquet floor give people a natural, pure and comfortable feeling. They all give people a natural, pure and comfortable feeling. The design of the spiral chandelier in the living room highlights the beauty of fashion and art.


2. The simple but durable ceiling and the bookshelf background wall make the whole space look fresh and natural. The ubiquitous wooden shapes decorate the corners as well. The open layout of the living room-dining room-kitchen makes the space transparent. It is quite convenient for the house-owner.

3. Choose low-key lightness as the design concept and calm tone as the theme. Embellish the oriental elements through modern design techniques. This aims to pursue the integration of design and culture.

4. In terms of interior design, it is not abandoning the rules of the original building space for arbitrary decoration. But more emphasis on the function of design. And it emphasizes the integrity of structure and form. It pursues the depth and precision of performance. The modern minimalist style emphasizes that less is more.

5. The living room TV background wall adopts popular color furniture in the indoor color matching. For example, the simple and atmospheric white sofa with colorful pillows, and the elegant blue curtains. Simple lines and colors create a modern and simple style of home atmosphere. The wooden floor used on the ground can be matched with simple and plain furniture. This creates a warm and comfortable home space.

6. The color of the space pursues modernization and individualization. The main color of the living room is gray, with wood veneers and some new materials to match each other.

7. Spatially breaks through the limitations of the original pattern and integrates the open space into one. The use of local space meets the daily needs of customers.

8. Use the large French windows in the living room to illuminate the guest dining room. This makes the whole area flexible and transparent. Under the light, the strong and elegant stone TV wall becomes a highlight in the space.

9. The elevated study is the only way to the living room and bedroom. Add appropriate ceramic art and glass partitions, and beautiful bookcases. It gives people a visually simple, comfortable and personalized effect.


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