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Reasonable Distribution of Small Apartment Space

by Rick Anderson

With the continuous change and development of the times, our demand for space is increasing. The space environment we can use is getting smaller and smaller. This means that the size of the houses has been reduced.


In the past, we may have a prejudice. The bigger the house, the more suitable it will be to live in and the better the living experience will be. In fact, there is no direct relationship between the size of the house and the user's living experience. The space of small-sized houses can be reasonably allocated.  It can bring a good living experience. It creates a warm and livable living atmosphere.

So how should small apartments use their space reasonably to achieve a more comfortable living environment? This article shows you what a reasonable decoration for small-sized houses should look like.

For small apartments, the most important nature is to improve the use rate of space.  You should analyze it from the overall layout. The most important thing is to improve the use of the overall space. This can adjust the overall space layout. The small space will not appear cramped and crowded. Everyone can adopt the integrated and transparent design of kitchen, dining room and living room. This can realize a high degree of space opening. It can make the overall layout more coordinated. You can choose multi-functional space design. Multiple functional areas are rightly designed in one space. The reading area will be integrated with the living room. The tatami will be integrated with the study to a certain extent. This can play a good role in the use of space. The overall visual effect will not appear abrupt.

The rational use of some combined cabinets and storage cabinets is an important means to improve the space use rate of small apartments. It is best to choose embedded cabinet design. It can greatly improve the visual space range. The design of shoe cabinets at the entrance, the design of wardrobes in the bedroom and the booth can all adopt embedded combination cabinets. Wall storage, corridor storage and other means of using fragmentary space can be considered.


We can also improve the visual effect of space through reasonable color matching to achieve better living experience. The dark design style will appear more crowded. Therefore, some light colors can be selected. At the same time, it is also possible to design mirrors, glass partitions and other means in appropriate places to achieve the effect of visually stretching the space.

The above is about the reasonable use of some space in the decoration of small apartments. I hope this article can also bring some inspiration and practical significance to everyone.

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