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Nordic Style Decoration Cases

by Rick Anderson

Nordic style decoration is a simple and natural decoration style. Its main birthplace is some countries in northern Europe. For example, Denmark, the fairy tale kingdom, Norway, Finland and other countries in the aurora world. Contemporary young people always like those simple and natural things. They always pay attention to reducing the burden, yearn for the feeling of freedom, and follow the nature. This coincides with Nordic style decoration. Modern young people like and pursue Nordic style decoration very much. The following will briefly introduce a Nordic decoration case.

1. Walls and Furniture

In some northern European countries, due to geographical location, the sunshine time is relatively short. Generally, they use large floor-to-ceiling windows, large white walls and floors. Nordic style decoration color matching tends to warm colors, such as white walls and warm brown furniture. The overall furniture is light and bright. The light is bright and soft, making people happy physically and mentally. The warm brown tea table and single chair can well enhance the warm style of the whole space. Of course, it should be matched with white or light-colored walls. In terms of material, log elements are the most suitable.

The living room is open and inclusive. Whether it is a small wooden table in the living room or a large wooden table in the place where the living room is connected with the dining room, it makes people feel warm, comfortable and casual.

In Nordic style, bathtubs are more common. It is a beautiful thing to lie in the bathtub and take a bath when you come home from tired work at night.

2. Decorations and Green Plants

Nordic style has natural characteristics and likes to feel close to nature. Many Nordic style decorations will place many decorations with different tastes. Such decorations can make your home more elemental.

Thick knitwear is also a great feature in Nordic style decoration. The focus of knitwear is to be large and thick. This will make the home full of warm feeling. A little more metallic color is can improve the spatial texture. This is the so-called high-level feeling. Metallic color can add a bright spot to the space. Green plants and candles are essential in Nordic style. The flickering candle has its own warm feeling. Green plants are the breath of vitality and nature.

3. Comfortable Home Environment

The decoration is not only reflected in material. It pursues spiritual satisfaction. A warm and comfortable home environment is the scene that contemporary young people are constantly pursuing. This society has left too much pressure on them. They are constantly working hard in their work. Many people also stand out under constant pressure. When they returned home, they were very eager to have a free and relaxed environment for them to rest. The happiness people need is simple. After busy work, a comfortable reclining chair, a warm blanket, a beam of sunshine in the afternoon, a favorite book and a cup of delicious coffee and milk can all be done.

Nordic style is a warm and natural style. I hope you like it too.

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