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New Chinese Style Decoration Cases

by Rick Anderson

Times are developing. So does the Chinese decoration style. Chinese style refers to many things. Chinese classical traditional furniture. Chinese garden architecture. The design and modeling of colors. Elegant and free and easy design. The previous Chinese style was mainly based on symmetry. They are simple and unadorned. They reveal the temperament of literati. The style owes to development of Chinese decoration. The new Chinese style combines the two stuffs. Traditional Chinese decoration style. Attributes of modern decoration. It integrates the former traditional decoration essence elements with life symbols. This design integrates the final decoration style into the charm of traditional culture. It conforms to the life aesthetics of present people. This is the fusion of tradition and fashion. The following introduces the cases of new Chinese style decoration. We look for how the new Chinese style decoration combines Chinese tradition with modern culture.

The new Chinese style decoration has no complicated Chinese style decoration background wall. The combination of bright and atmospheric stone and ink painting increases the brightness of the space. Give people a feeling of fresh atmosphere. Match the white sofa with bright yellow and blue flexible packaging. The visual sense of space is more powerful and obvious. This collocation makes the space of new Chinese decoration more interesting. It is no longer a separate embodiment of an element. It shows the blend of complexity and simplicity. Let a person have a special enjoyment of beauty.

The new Chinese style retains the symmetry of the old Chinese style. The rectangular dining table corresponds to the shape of the ceiling. Match the white background wall with the dark wood wine cabinet. It makes the whole space look fuller and plump. Bright yellow tablecloths and lamps also point out the depression of the space. It makes the atmosphere of the restaurant livelier.

The porch with symmetrical features of new Chinese style decoration not only makes you have a symmetrical beauty visually, but also expands the sense of space in the hall. The appearance of the round stool and the matching of the background wall have added a reunion and harmonious atmosphere to the new Chinese decoration style. It embodies the traditional Chinese culture. The design of the background wall does not have too many styles. The simplest combination of lines and circles is adopted. With the traditional porch cabinet in Chinese style, it reveals a sense of solemnity.

The bedroom was decorated with dark wood floors. The sense of space adds some sense of extension and solemnity. In order to ensure the consistency of bedroom style, the color of wardrobe and the color of the ground are also similar corresponding colors.

The bedroom decorated in the new Chinese style adopts dark wood floor. It gives the space a sense of extension and solemnity. The color of the wardrobe complements the ground and wall. Blue curtains and blue carpets make the brightness and natural feeling of the space more obvious. Let the feeling of the bedroom become less dim, increasing the bright tone of the bedroom space.

The above tells some results of the matching and learning between the new Chinese style decoration and the old Chinese style decoration. The new Chinese style decoration is more in line with the style of modern people. I hope you can like it.



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