Modern Style Decoration

The full name of modern style is "modern simplicity style". The decoration style with simplicity as the main factor simplifies the design elements, colors, lighting and raw materials to a minimum. Strive to win more with less and win more with simplicity. As the modernist architect Mies said, "less is more".

Concision yet not simplicity, modern style requires high texture of materials, which is the so-called low-key luxury.

How to make high-end elegant modern style?

There are several aspects to teach you to decorate high-end modern style. Overall color matching, latex paint, wallpaper, floor, background wall, cabinet, ceramic tile and soft decoration.

Overall color matching

1. The modern color scheme is not only classic black, white and gray. Steady colors such as rice, brown and purple are also commonly used. Sometimes gold, silver, red, and yellow are used to invigorate the atmosphere, or fresher turquoise, etc.

2. In each space, the main color is composed of large blocks of colors such as walls, floors, and furniture. They should not exceed 3 types, otherwise they will appear messy.

3. In small apartments, especially in small rooms with insufficient lighting. It is recommended to use neutral colors with higher brightness and lower saturation. This kind of color will not darken the room, nor will it be emotional. Does not intensify the feeling of heat or cold, and is suitable for both summer and winter. If the space is open and the lighting is sufficient, users may as well be bold and choose a more textured and highly saturated dark color.

Latex paint

4. Four white landing means that all walls are painted white, which is the most common method of modern style. White latex paint is also divided into a variety of color numbers, including cold pure white and warm milky white. Almost every item has a wall as its background. If users choose a versatile white, at least they don’t have to worry about the harmony of furniture, decorative paintings and wall colors. It saves a lot of time.

5. White paint does not need color mixing, and there is a bump in the later period. It is quite convenient to mend it, and there will be no color difference between the mend paint and the original paint.

6. It feels that the white wall is very monotonous, and the user can paint on one or several walls. Be sure to choose a brand with reliable quality. Let the seller use computer to mix colors and take samples for testing. After confirming that it is correct, it can be made into a barrel paint that can be used directly. This is more accurate than the worker's on-site color blending. Calculate the dosage and buy more backups to avoid color difference between different batches.


7. Solid-color wallpaper without patterns are commonly used on modern walls. The uneven texture is especially textured.

8. The vertical striped wallpaper can guide the line of sight upward and make the space appear tall. It is suitable for low-rise houses.

9. Wallpaper arranged regularly with small patterns can make the wall lively and not eye-catching. But it is not suitable to cover all the walls. It's too easy to get crowded.

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