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Meet the Architects and Designers of the 2016 AD100

by Rick Anderson

Adjaye Associates A fixation on craft and an artful attention to context anchor the work of Tanzanian-born David Adjaye, who pivots between cultural buildings, residences, retail spaces, and more; adjayeom

[ Alan Wanzenberg Architect/Design ] (http://www.architecturaldigesom/story/alan-wanzenberg-architect-design-ad100#package) Deftly mixing periods and styles, Alan Wanzenberg devises serene, sophisticated spaces accented with impeccable furnishings and art; alanwanzenbergom

[ Alexander Gorlin Architects ] (http://www.architecturaldigesom/story/alexander-gorlin-architects-ad100#package) A modernist who draws extensively from traditional lexicons, Alexander Gorlin crafts soulful, sanctuary-like homes that emphasize comfort and light; gorlinarchitectom

Allan Greenberg Architect For more than 40 years South African–born classicist Allan Greenberg has been composing stately residential and institutional buildings that beautifully illustrate why some things never go out of style; allangreenbergom

[ Appleton Partners LLP-Architects ] (http://www.architecturaldigesom/story/appleton-partners-llp-architects-ad100#package) Firm founder Marc Appleton and his team are renowned for site-sensitive houses and hotels immersed in traditional design languages yet animated by a decidedly contemporary spirit; appleton-architectom

[ Backen, Gillam & Kroeger Architects ] (http://www.architecturaldigesom/story/backen-gillam-and-kroeger-architects-ad100#package) Synonymous with modern wine-country style, this firm started by Howard J. Backen (pictured) and Jim Gillam has long been the go-to for Northern California wineries, hospitality projects, and vintners’ homes; bgarcom

[ Daniel Romualdez Architects ] (http://www.architecturaldigesom/story/daniel-romualdez-architects-ad100#package) Widely heralded yet wildly discreet (no website, no social-media presence), Daniel Romualdez has won accolades for his seamless, sublimely crafted environments, whose broad range of styles—minimalist here, maximalist there— share a rarefied attention to detail; New York; 212-989-8429

[ Deborah Berke Partners ] (http://www.architecturaldigesom/story/deborah-berke-partners-ad100#package) Soon to become the dean of the Yale School of Architecture, Deborah Berke has built her name creating restrained, confident spaces, from private homes to large-scale commercial conversions; dberkeom

[ Ferguson & Shamamian Architects ] (http://www.architecturaldigesom/story/ferguson-and-shamamian-architects-ad100#package) Headed by Mark Ferguson and Oscar Shamamian, this aesthetically wide-ranging firm smartly tailors classical forms to suit modern life; fergusonshamamianom

[ G. P. Schafer Architect ] (http://www.architecturaldigesom/story/g-p-schafer-architect-ad100#package) Fluent in historic styles and ever mindful of vernacular idiosyncrasies, Gil Schafer is a nimble classicist who devises timeless, site-sensitive homes; gpschaferom

[ Ike Kligerman Barkley ] (http://www.architecturaldigesom/story/ike-kligerman-barkley-ad100#package) John Ike, Thomas A. Kligerman, and Joel Barkley mine the past and turn its lessons into rock-solid residences of remarkable, often quirky beauty; ikekligermanbarkleom

[ Lake|Flato Architects ] (http://www.architecturaldigesom/story/lakeorflato-architects-ad100#package) This innovative, award-winning Texas firm founded by David Lake and Ted Flato crafts modern vernacular residences that celebrate relaxed refinement; lakeflatoom

[ Leroy Street Studio ] (http://www.architecturaldigesom/story/leroy-street-studio-ad100#package) An engaging, welcoming breed of modernism characterizes Leroy Street Studio’s inventive residential projects, which are marked by a deep sensitivity to site; leroystreetstudioom

[ Marmol Radziner ] (http://www.architecturaldigesom/story/marmol-radziner-ad100#package) In addition to being the go-to architects for revitalizing important midcentury-modern houses, Leo Marmol and Ron Radziner devise robustly modernist buildings from the ground up; marmol-radzinerom

[ McAlpine ] (http://www.architecturaldigesom/story/mcalpine-ad100#package) The multicity architecture-and-interiors firm headed by Bobby McAlpine and his six partners employs elemental materials like stone and wood to create idiosyncratic, beautifully crafted houses with poetic layouts and soulful decor; mcalpinehouseom

[ Olson Kundig ] (http://www.architecturaldigesom/story/olson-kundig-ad100#package) Named after Jim Olson and Tom Kundig—two of its five partners—this firm has developed an international cult following thanks to a rugged-meets-refined aesthetic that’s infused with a laid-back Pacific Northwest spirit; olsonkundigom

[ Peter Marino Architect ] (http://www.architecturaldigesom/story/peter-marino-architect-ad100#package) The design world’s sartorially distinguished rebel, Peter Marino dreams up showstopping retail spaces and residences that both dazzle the eye and advance the cultural conversation; petermarinoarchitecom

[ Peter Pennoyer Architects ] (http://www.architecturaldigesom/story/peter-pennoyer-architects-ad100#package) The inventive, inviting homes composed by Peter Pennoyer prove that neoclassicism is alive and ever inspiring; ppapcom

[Rafael de Cárdenas Ltd./ Architecture at Large] (http://www.architecturaldigesom/story/rafael-de-cardenas-ltd-architecture-at-large-ad100#package) Emerging as a daringly original voice, Rafael de Cárdenas takes cues from contemporary culture in all its forms as he conceives strik-ingly smart homes, shops, and restaurants; architectureatlargeom

[ Richard Meier & Partners Architects ] (http://www.architecturaldigesom/story/richard-meier-and-partners-architects-ad100#package) Rational modernist forms, abundant natural light, and the color white are key themes that guide the 75-person firm of Pritzker Prize–winning maestro Richard Meier; richardmeierom

[ Rios Clementi Hale Studios ] (http://www.architecturaldigesom/story/rios-clementi-hale-studios-ad100#package) This powerhouse firm started by Mark Rios creates a dramatic sense of place—and joy—in large-scale civic projects and private homes alike; rchstudioom

[ Robert Couturier Inc. ] (http://www.architecturaldigesom/story/robert-couturier-inc-ad100#package) The classically trained Robert Couturier’s genius rooms range from soothingly suave to posh-psychedelic; robertcouturierom

[ Robert A.M. Stern Architects ] (http://www.architecturaldigesom/story/robert-am-stern-architects-ad100#package) Working from a centuries-spanning playbook, Robert A.M. Stern and his associates devise personable structures that possess a masterful air of aesthetic self-assuredness; ramsaom

[ Rockwell Group ] (http://www.architecturaldigesom/story/rockwell-group-ad100#package) This protean firm led by David Rockwell devises gorgeous, technology-rich interiors for high-profile hospitality clients while also pursuing set design, product collaborations, and residential commissions; rockwellgrouom

[ Roman and Williams Buildings and Interiors ] (http://www.architecturaldigesom/story/roman-and-williams-buildings-and-interiors-ad100#package) Former Hollywood set designers, the husband-and-wife team Stephen Alesch and Robin Standefer imagine showstopping hotels, restaurants, and residences that possess a stylish sense of age while balancing artisanal warmth and an industrial edge; romanandwilliamom

[ S. Russell Groves ] (http://www.architecturaldigesom/story/s-russell-groves-ad100#package) Art collectors and fashion designers alike turn to S. Russell Groves for his smartly tailored, seductively glamorous spaces, which draw inspiration from such diverse sources as serene Japanese architecture and groovy 1960s culture; grovesandcoom

[ Sawyer | Berson ] (http://www.architecturaldigesom/story/sawyer-or-berson-ad100#package) The projects of Brian Sawyer and John Berson seamlessly integrate architecture, interiors, and landscape design into a profoundly soulful whole; sawyerbersonom

[ Selldorf Architects ] (http://www.architecturaldigesom/story/selldorf-architects-ad100#package) Whether designing a private estate, a residential tower, or even a recycling facility, Annabelle Selldorf tackles each commission with thoughtful swagger, crafting minimalist spaces enriched by distinctive materials and expanses of glass; selldorom

[ Shelton, Mindel & Associates ] (http://www.architecturaldigesom/story/shelton-mindel-and-associates-ad100#package) The arresting modernist aesthetic refined by architect Lee F. Mindel and his late business partner, Peter L. Shelton, marries clean-lined minimalism with a luminous classicism; sheltonmindelom

[ Sig Bergamin Architecture & Design ] (http://www.architecturaldigesom/story/sig-bergamin-architecture-and-design-ad100#package) High-energy maestro Sig Bergamin delivers exuberant Aladdin’s-cave rooms chockablock with parakeet colors and fizzy patterns—all accented with magpie gatherings of vintage glass, antique porcelain, and baskets; sigbergaminom.br

[ Steven Harris Architects ] (http://www.architecturaldigesom/story/steven-harris-architects-ad100#package) In both residential and retail projects, Steven Harris adds notes of elegance while remaining faithful to modernism’s clean lines and clear volumes; stevenharrisarchitectom

[ Studio Peregalli ] (http://www.architecturaldigesom/story/studio-peregalli-ad100#package) Laura Sartori Rimini and Roberto Peregalli conjure the ambience of days gone by in romantic homes filled with splendor and historical texture; studioperegalli.it

[ Thierry Despont Ltd. ] (http://www.architecturaldigesom/story/thierry-despont-ltd-ad100#package) Architect, designer, and artist Thierry Despont brings Continental brio to residential, hospitality, and civic commissions—whether opulently old-world or resolutely modern; desponom

[ Tod Williams Billie Tsien Architects ] (http://www.architecturaldigesom/story/tod-williams-billie-tsien-architects-ad100#package) Husband and wife Tod Williams and Billie Tsien describe architecture as “an act of profound optimism,” and that buoyant outlook permeates their ever-thoughtful buildings, whether cultural, academic, or residential; twbtaom

[ Toshiko Mori Architect ] (http://www.architecturaldigesom/story/toshiko-mori-architect-ad100#package) With her precise eye for balance and proportion, Toshiko Mori puts a fresh spin on modernism, incorporating innovative materials and exploring vernacular building types; tmarcom

[ Tsao & McKown Architects ] (http://www.architecturaldigesom/story/tsao-and-mckown-architects-ad100#package) Partners Calvin Tsao and Zack McKown have adapted their sensuous vision of modernism to projects of vastly different types and scales, always with an emphasis on materials’ emotional as well as aesthetic qualities; tsao-mckownom

[ Vincent Van Duysen Architects ] (http://www.architecturaldigesom/story/vincent-van-duysen-architects-ad100#package) An almost monastic purity characterizes Vincent Van Duysen’s quietly beautiful commissions. Spare in their contents, his spaces achieve a richness with exquisite details like velvety plaster finishes, parched wood textures, and misty hues; vincentvanduysenom

[ William T. Georgis Architect ] (http://www.architecturaldigesom/story/william-t-georgis-architect-ad100#package) Make It Fabulous , the title of his 2013 monograph, is an apt mantra for William T. Georgis, who marries historicist élan with go-for-broke architectural gestures like jaw-dropping cantilevers and elevated swimming pools. Eye-catching color, arresting pattern, and seductive finishes round out his stunning oeuvre; williamtgeorgiom

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