How to Clean Wood Furniture

Seasonal and daily cleaning to keep your furniture looking like new year after year. Although pinewood still ranks as a very soft wood causing it to be vulnerable to some forms of finish deterioration, protecting the finish from dust and dirt will help make the old piece last through many years of regular use. Vacuuming as necessary minimizes visible wear on the furniture. However, vacuuming too often can also cause the grain to become spotted and unsightly. Follow these steps to maintain the beauty and luster of your furniture with your wood patio table.

How often you should dust and vacuum your wood furniture depends largely on how much activity the piece gets. If your piece is left out in the weather for extended periods of time, you should vacuum at least weekly. For heavy traffic areas such as hallways and entryways, you should vacuum daily. If your wood furniture has a shelf, place a damp cloth on the bottom and run a damp cloth over the entire piece. You can even use the spot test - place a small drop of water on the back of a damp cloth and let it dry for a few seconds, then wipe off the water.

If you are waxing your furniture, wiping away any excess wax will help keep it looking great. Use a clean rag, cotton pad or chamois, to gently wipe the entire piece. Wiping the wax off may leave a spot or edge of the finish where it does not need to be, so choose a clean cloth to wipe it down. Allow the spot to air dry before applying another coat of wax.

If there is a real problem with dusting and a spot appears, you can remove it by using a solution of rubbing alcohol and water combined. Once the area has absorbed the alcohol, gently wipe away the excess water from the piece. You may need to repeat this process until you have removed all of the dust and residue from the cleaning solution.

When dusting your wood furniture, try to use dry cloths. Feather dusters and other instruments can create a lot of dust and will likely require a vacuum cleaner with HEPA filtration. A good idea is to use a couple of dry cloths on your furniture, one to dampen the cloth and one to wipe it out. This will help you avoid the possibility of the feather dusters damaging your furniture's finish.

Once you have finished dusting, you can move on to cleaning the finish on your wood furniture. It is important to wipe this finish off frequently in order to prevent streaking. If you have already used the polish, apply another coat of polish. The final step of polishing is final drying, which you should do by wiping off any excess paper towels or protective film.

How to Clean Wood Furniture: Using a cleaner designed for wood furniture will work best. You will need to purchase a mild dish soap that is designed specifically for wood surfaces. These types of detergents are often less harmful than harsh household detergents. Using a detergent that is too harsh can cause streaks on your finish, so be careful.

There are many different techniques for how to clean wood furniture. Many of these techniques include both deep cleaning and spot cleaning. Some of these techniques include sanding, bleaching, and sealing your furnishings. If your furniture becomes too damaged and stained to be restored, contact a professional who specializes in deep cleaning.

One method of how to clean wood furniture involves using an orbital sander. You must use the right size orbital sander for your surface, because if you use a smaller sander, it will not cut through the dirt without scratching the surface. Begin by removing the loose dirt that is around the baseboards, the legs, or the shelves. Using the right sized orbital sander, begin cleaning the surface in small circular motions. Once all of the dirt is removed, you should blow all of the dust away from the sander with compressed air. Using a wet rag or towel, wipe the dirt away, then repeat the process until the surface is free of dust.

Other options for how to clean wood furniture involve using cleaners that are designed for hardwood surfaces. These cleaners contain chemicals that bond with stains, and they work to lift the dirt from the surface rather than rubbing it away. Microfiber towels are a good choice of cleaners for hard surfaces because the material is soft and very effective at lifting dirt. To make sure the microfiber towel is completely clean, simply dry it with the microfiber towel and then launder it in your washing machine. After you have completed the cleaning process, you can use finish cleaner on any remaining imperfections on the piece to ensure it is as good as new.

There are numerous products available for how to clean wood furniture. However, if you wish to avoid scratching or staining your furniture, purchasing polishes or protecting your investment with protective coatings may be a better option. Remember that although dusting can be an effective method of cleaning your wood surfaces, it is important not to scrub too hard. You should also consider sealing your furniture with a protective coating, especially if you live in an area where temperatures are extremely cold.

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