How to carry out a Blacklisted Check

  How to find out if my phone has been blacklisted?

  Instantly find out if your phone is blacklisted with our simple online form. Enter your IMEI number which can be retrieved by dialing •#06# from your phone and a 15-digit number will appear.

  how to unblacklist a phone in south africa?Once we have received these details and your contact and payment information, we will get to work to find out if your phone has been blacklisted. You will receive a confirmation email once your details have been checked to let you know if your phone has been blacklisted.

  Step-by-step guide on how to check if your device is blacklisted

  On your device dial *#06# and a 15-digit number will appear on the screen. Take note of this.

  Use our simple online form to enter the IMEI number of the device you want to check.

  Enter your 15-digit IMEI number and press ‘Check Now’.

  Provide us with your contact details and process payment.

  Once we have checked your IMEI number on our database we will send you a confirmation email with a full report within 24 hours.

  How do I know if my phone has been blacklisted?

  When buying a used phone, it is vital that you find out beforehand if the device has been blacklisted as you will not be able to use the device or it will have limited access. There are many reasons why a phone is blacklisted.The most common reasons are due to the phone being reported lost or stolen, where the network will block services on the phone. Another reason why a phone is blacklisted is due to unpaid bills.

  Thanks to our blacklist check service, you can find out if your phone is blacklisted by checking the device IMEI.Our IMEI blacklist check will find out if your phone is blocked or clean and we will send you a full report of our findings from reputable sources so that you can proceed with the next steps to your device accordingly. If your phone is blacklisted, you might not be able to make calls, send texts or connect to the Internet.

  Our blacklist check using IMEI is completely confidential and anonymous and is highly recommended when buying or selling a second hand phone.You will receive a fully detailed report within 24 hours via email and the data that we provide is retrieved from networks and established sources to give you precise information.

  Furthermore, if your phone is ‘clean’ from our report you can unlock your phone from any network hassle free using our online service, which adds value to your phone if you decide to sell it.

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