Earth Stone Products: Recycled Granite & Marble

Yesterday we looked at a comparison of natural stone and recycled surfaces. It seemed like recycled surfaces came out on top, but there is another option: recycled natural stone . Earth Stone Products is a company taking 100% post-industrial granite and marble scraps and and turning them into pavers, tiles and backsplash. What would’ve typically gone to the dump is given a second life inside your home and out.

Earth Stone Products collects scraps from granite manufacturers and construction sites. These scraps typically would go to the landfill, but Earth Stone is able to salvage them by using essentially a large scale ‘cookie cutter’ that stamps the stone into the shape of pavers, floor tiles and backsplash material. Any material Earth Stone is unable to use is turned into asphalt or concrete aggregate, resulting in almost no waste.

The pavers and tiles are available in a variety of colors, finishes and edge profiles and can be installed for interior and exterior applications. The material costs run about $6-7/square foot. For more information visit the Earth Stone Products of Illinois and Earth Stone Products .

(Images via Earth Stone Products )

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