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Decoration Case of 90 Square Meters Apartment

by Rick Anderson

Nowadays, houses are a necessity for people's life. It is essential for people to live with food, clothing, housing and transportation to support their life. The house is the fixed address of the home. Home is the sustenance of people's hearts and our final destination. Where there is home, there is love. The place where there is love is the expectation of family members. Everyone expects to have a warm home. It doesn't need to be too big, as long as it makes us warm. The 90-square-meter two-bedroom is a just-needed home for modern people. It is a beautiful yearning for young people to struggle outside. Today, I would like to share a list of 90 square meters with two-bedroom decoration.

1. Unified House Decoration Style

Before decorating a 90 square meter apartment, the first thing you must do is to seriously think about what kind of division you want and what style is suitable for you. There are many decoration styles, such as classical style, modern style, simple style, etc. When your friends come to visit your home, they can feel at a glance that this is your unique creation. In the process of decoration, do not change the style at will. Otherwise, you will eventually lose the integrity of your style. Bad matching will make people feel incongruous.

2. Good Lighting Effect

In this small room, the lighting effect should be ensured when decorating. Through bright and smooth decoration, the bright feeling in the house can be increased. It makes people feel clear in their hearts.

3. Consistent Wall Color

The overall color in the house does not need to be too much, so it is controlled in one or two colors. This can not only ensure that the color is not monotonous, but also ensure that it is not so colorful. Too many colors can dazzle people.

4. Soft Bedroom Decoration Lights

The effect of lighting must be strictly controlled. Too dazzling lighting effects will affect the mood of residents. When you live in your hut, it may make you irritable and affect your sleep time. After a long time, you will become listless. Poor sleep quality at night will affect your health. Too dark at home will also make you groggy every day. You will always feel that you don't sleep enough every day.

5. Bathroom Decoration Should be Separated from Dry and Wet

Bathroom is a necessary place for every family and is also a humid place in the home. Therefore, the most important thing is to do a good job of dry and wet separation. The drainage system and floor drain in the home must be properly handled, so that there will be no moisture everywhere. Nor will you get water everywhere when you wash and bathe, affecting the quality of life.

The above briefly introduces some matters in some 90 square meters two-bedroom decoration cases. Although the 90 square meter is not too big, it can also give you a warm feeling after being decorated. With such a house, you will settle down in the city where you work and your heart will settle down. In a sense, it also provides a certain guarantee for your future development.

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