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Decoration Case of 120 Square Meters with 3 Bedrooms

by Rick Anderson

Home is the direction of love and the warm harbor. Only when you get home will your heart relax. You will not be stiff as you are outside. Only in this way can you release the side that you don't want to be seen. You can return to the state of your life. With the improvement of people's living standards, people now pursue better decoration to make their homes warmer and more in line with their preferences.

The presentation of decoration style finally judges the success or failure of a room decoration. The larger the home area, the worse it is to decide the style of home decoration. Everyone likes different styles, resulting in different decorated houses. Let's take a look at what it looks like to decorate 120 square meters with 3 bedrooms into a simple style.

A set of 120 square meters of three-room and two-hall residential buildings with modern simple style can use light colors as the main color. With some simple and natural furniture and color matching objects, it creates a simple but not monotonous atmosphere. In the decoration, the design of the living room is very important. It is a place for family activities and entertainment. When family and friends get together to chat and play, they stay in the living room. When there are children in the family, the children's entertainment place is in the living room. Considering from the above aspects, it is not recommended that the furniture and decoration of your living room are too complicated. Family and friends need enough space to get together. Children need plenty of space to play. Nowadays, TV is not a necessity for people's life. Therefore, many people's televisions are now furnished. Then the TV background wall can be simplified. Now many people don't make background walls. Pasting wallpaper can play a very good decorative role. With minimal home furnishings, the space is full of fresh and fashionable flavor.

Simple home space can always make people feel comfortable and relaxed. The use of large chandelier design techniques can maintain sufficient light in the living room.

The bedroom decoration is rigorous. The bedside table in the bedroom should be determined according to the size of the bed. The 1500 mm bed has a bedside table of about 500 mm. The 1800 mm bed needs to be more than 600 mm wide. The height is slightly lower than the bed surface, which is the most suitable. Bedrooms of 10 square meters are equipped with beds of less than 1.2 m. 10 square meters to-20 square meters with 1.5 m bed. Bedrooms with more than 20 square meters need beds with more than 1.8 meters. The best TV size is 37-42 inches. The wardrobe height shall be at least 1800 mm. The depth of the cabinet body shall not exceed 600 mm. There is no need to do too much decoration in the bedroom. Plain, elegant, quiet atmosphere and simple and comfortable fabric create a soft artistic conception in the bedroom.

The above briefly introduces some details of the decoration of 120 square meters with 3 bedrooms, as well as some small suggestions. I hope you can like it.

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