Cut Furniture: Giving New Meaning to Flat Pack Furniture

I saw a lot of really beautiful furniture from all over the world at Ambiente, but none of them made me stop in my tracks the way that Cut Furniture did. As I approached the booth I caught sight of this magnificent red chair, its pieces hanging on the wall behind it like art. It was love at first sight.

Now, before I get your hopes up, Cut Furniture is not yet available for retail sale. Designer Mariana Costa e Silva launched the brand at Interior Lifestyle Tokyo in June 2011 and is still working out the details for retail sales.

Here’s what I can tell you. Mariana Costa e Silva’s goal for Cut Furniture is to reduce material, labor, tools and space. Her line of furniture succeeds in all of these. Cut Furniture is made from Valchromat , an organically colored wood fiber board harvested from Portuguese forests. The collection includes five pieces – stool, chair, armchair, table and coffee table. Each piece is designed to have no fittings or hardware and a low number of parts that fit in a stable structure. Watching the designer assemble the chair shown above with a few simple movements, no tools or screws required, was a marvel.

Cut Furniture also reduces waste by using a computerized cutting system to create the pieces. As you can see in these photos, multiple chairs can be cut from one sheet of Valchromat, reducing waste by using more of the raw material.

For more information, check out the Cut Furniture website.

(Images: 1. Jason Loper; 2-3. Cut Furniture )

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