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Cases of Simple Style Decoration

by Rick Anderson

Contemporary young people pursue simple freedom in their lifestyle and do not want to be bound by rules and regulations. They like to act freely. They are not so interested in those traditional styles in life. I think what is simple is true and fashion. When modern young people decorate their home, they will not choose those traditional styles with strong solemn feeling. Simple style is what they like and pursue. The following is a brief introduction to the simple style decoration cases that contemporary young people prefer.

The most important place in every house is the living room. It is a good place for our family life, entertainment and friends. It is also a paradise for children to have fun. The living room does not need too many decorations. Only in this way can it show more sense of space. The arrangement of gray sofas and metal tea tables in the living room can make the living room simple and have a sense of accomplishment of fashionable atmosphere. The sofa background is modeled with wooden veneer, which increases the warmth. The pink single chair is very girlish and enriches the space color matching.

You can use embedded space to create a workspace. The wall partition houses books. The black desk is filled with simple decorations. Even if it is adjacent to the living room, there is no sense of discord.

There is no TV set in the living room, no large light source is selected, but a projector is installed. With the foil of point light sources, I felt like I was in the cinema. There is no complicated decoration on the whole, giving people a relaxed and comfortable feeling.

Looking from the living room to the hall. The white porch cabinet is fresh and elegant. The simple suspended ceiling is matched with the downlights of the whole house. It lights up the space at night, like stars.

The dining room continues the wooden elements of the living room. The whole space is more coordinated. The design of the booth type leaves storage space at the bottom. Marble dining table is with velvet dining chair. The 20 cm space next to it is not wasted at all, not only beautiful but also practical.

The lighting in the kitchen is very good. Two windows help to circulate air. The gray bricks on the wall are matched with white seams. With wood grain cabinets, there is a quiet and elegant feeling.

The master bedroom is decorated with dark green, creating a living space coexisting with nature.  It gives people a feeling of elegance and vitality.

The second bedroom will have the best storage function. The wardrobe with the whole wall is enough to hold the clothes of the whole family.

The study is combined with tatami cabinet. The storage function is good. It can be used for work and study, it can also be used as a guest room. The overall light blue and white matching space gives people a fresh and natural visual experience.

The above introduction is a simple style decoration case that contemporary young people like. It fully reflects the character of contemporary young people. Today's social rhythm is too fast, and contemporary young people want to find some simple and free elements in this fast rhythm.

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