Can Wood Floor be Used in Cold Areas? What are the Precautions?

Many people are not sure whether wood floor can be laid for decoration in cold areas. In fact, it can. And it is suggested that the wood floor should be laid in colder places. Because wood floor can play a stronger role in heat preservation and insulation than other floors. Generally, northerners will choose to use wood floors instead of floor tiles in their homes. The wood floor will appear warmer. People will not feel too cold when sleeping.

It is worth noting that when laying the floor, do not leave too many gaps to avoid freezing cracks. In addition, it is more important to choose the time. Because wood has certain requirements for temperature and humidity. The temperature is relatively high in summer. If it is laid at this time, it will be easy to deform and crack the floor due to thermal expansion and cold contraction in autumn and winter. So, it is not recommended. However, when the temperature is low in winter, the floor is dry. At this time, laying the floor will lead to floor expansion due to moisture absorption in spring and summer. So, it is not recommended. The most suitable choice is to lay the floor in spring and autumn. At this time, the temperature and humidity are just right, which is between 16 degrees Celsius and 30 degrees Celsius. This temperature can keep the wood floor in a natural and relaxed state. In addition, the construction time is recommended to avoid noon and evening. You can choose to lay the floor after two o'clock in the afternoon. The temperature and humidity at this time are the most suitable.


The other is about the selection of wood floors. Ordinary families in cold areas install floor heating. How should the floor be chosen while installing floor heating? The answer is that solid wood floor is not recommended. The reason is that although solid wood floor will be more environmentally friendly and beautiful, it is not suitable to be used as floor heating floor.

Because after a long period of use, solid wood floor will have deformation, glue, seam and other phenomena. If the floor is warmed, the probability of deformation will be greater, and even the whole piece may become warped. And the cost of solid wood floor is relatively high.

Due to the installation of floor heating, many people will choose composite wood floor. Because in terms of performance, the composite wood floor is much more stable than the solid wood floor. And the probability of deformation and tilting is relatively low. The heat conductivity and heat dissipation will be better. And it will be more moisture-proof and heat-resistant.

However, when choosing composite floor, it is necessary to check whether the product is a special “floor heating floor”. You should check whether there is a sign of “floor heating” in the product name in the inspection report. If you choose a fake floor heating floor, you may be troubled by formaldehyde exceeding the standard, bringing potential safety hazards to people's lives. Therefore, you should go to a regular brand store to buy the qualified composite wood floor. And you can know the information of composite wood floor in many aspects before purchase.

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