Best Reusable Snack & Sandwich Bags for Kids

I don’t think I need to convince anyone that reusable sandwich and snack bags are a win-win. Buying fewer plastic bags saves you money over time and is an earth-friendly gesture. I use them to take snacks to work and my son uses them for his preschool snacks and what we call “go snacks” (snacks for the car or the playground). I’m definitely stocking up before he goes off to kindergarten next month.

1. Big Apple Buddies by BuiltNY : five cute, modern animals adorn these new reusable bags with a spot for your child’s name on the front. Velcro closure with “heat-sealing technology”.

2. Lunchskins : snack bags, sandwich bags, bigger sandwich bags and lunch totes in colorful graphic patterns suitable for kids and adults. Bags have a velcro closure.

3. SugarBooger by O.R.E. : “snack sacks” sold in sets of three (2 sandwich size, 1 smaller snack size) to coordinate with their lunch boxes and food containers. Velcro tab closure on 2 and a zip close on the third, clear one.

4. Itzy Ritzy : “Snack Happens” bags with zipper closure in two sizes.

5. Pottery Barn Kids : snack bags with room to write your child’s name. Some feature licensed characters (Star Wars, Batman, Spiderman) while others have butterflies, sharks, dinosaurs, etc..

6. Semillas Snack Bags : earth-friendly, machine washable, made in the USA bags. Velcro closure.

7. Eco Ditty : makers of the snack ditty, wich ditty and lunch ditty. The ditties are 100% organic cotton and made in Colorado. Kids may be most interested in their “color your own” option.

8. Etsy : search by “reusable sandwich” or “reusable snack” and you will have pages and pages of options in all kinds of styles, colors and closures. Sellers shown above: 1. Zerlina Crafts 2. Lily Pie Baby 3. The Preppy Owl Boutique 4. Heavy Doody 5. BleuRoo

Do you have a favorite source not shown here? Share it in the comments, thanks!

(Images: as linked above, composites by Carrie McBride)

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