Antoni Porowski Swears by These Products on His Nightstand for a Good Night’s Sleep

Our nightstand setup says a lot about how we like to end the day and start another. What’s On My Nightstand asks celebrities, entrepreneurs, and beyond what essentials they like to keep within arm’s reach.

Antoni Porowski may be focused on everything culinary in his professional life, as seen in Netflix’s “ Queer Eye ” as well as his recent partnership with HelloFresh , but in the comfort of home, he’s a beauty aficionado (Jonathan Van Ness must be so proud) — and the proof is on his nightstand.

When asked what was on and in his nightstand, Porowski didn’t skip a beat with sharing not only specific beauty and wellness products, but also what he uses them for. While the items ranged from an extra pillow to a black silk slip mask, mostly everything went toward the larger mission of getting a better night’s sleep — something everyone wants and needs. Here is Porowski’s (very thorough) list of items that he keeps on and in his nightstand. And if I ever get to speak with him about his bedside table again, I already know what I’m going to ask: how big is this nightstand of yours??

REN Clean Skincare & Now To Sleep Pillow Spray : Porowski sprays this on his pillow every night to help him fall asleep, which sounds like an item worthy of trying. It contains a variety of essential oils, from cedarwood to frankincense and hops. But the one that first came to mind for Porowski: lavender (yes, please).

Tata Harper Aromatic Bedtime Treatment : Another product that helps Porowski catch some Z’s is this aromatic roller oil. And whenever I hear roller, I think massage. So a body massage plus an aromatherapy blend? I’m sold. The Pain Remedy oil: Another one of Porowski’s oil recs — because I will take all of them to look as relaxed as he does — is The Pain Remedy, an organic-based fusion of aromatic components and hemp extracts. “It has eucalyptus, peppermint, geranium, menthal, tumeric, and arnica… I just roll it around my neck, a little bit on my chest and neck area, and it always helps me fall asleep,” Porowski explained.

According to the product description , the oil is “designed for anyone who wants to live an active, pain-free lifestyle.” I’m in.

A stack of books: Porowski has a collection of books on his nightstand, which makes me green with envy as someone who can’t stay awake for more than 10 minutes while reading in bed. At the top of the stack is the novel he’s currently reading, “Irena’s Children” by Tilar Mazzeo , which is based on a true story about a woman who smuggles Jewish children out the Warsaw ghetto in Poland during World War II. “It’s one of these untold heroes of WWII, and I’m Polish so genetically we always lean toward those stories,” Antoni told Apartment Therapy. Diptych and Aesop candles : As a candle lover myself (because who isn’t these days?), I love to hear about another’s candle portfolio — and in Porowski’s words, he has “no shortage” of them. The two that currently rest near him on his nightstand: CORIANDRE by Diptych and an Aesop candle .

Black silk Slip mask : I’ve never slept with a mask on, but I could see a silk one doing wonders. Porowski likes that his black silk Slip mask keep things dark, which makes sense for those with windows in their bedroom and easily get woken up by light. Oribe and Cinnamon Projects incense: Just when you thought Porowski couldn’t possibly cultivate a dreamier collection of soothing products on his nightstand, he drops two incense options. “ Oribe has a really nice incense, then I have another one by Cinnamon Projects called 7 am with black tea, clay, driftwood, and marigold,” Porowski shared.

An extra pillow : Porowski always keeps a fresh pillow nearby so he can easily swap out a dirty one. “I like to have a nice, fresh pillow after a couple days of too much skincare, or sweating in my sleep because I’ve had a lot of dinner or eaten too much,” Porowski mentioned. You should be washing your pillow cover pretty regularly , but if you just don’t get to it — because life — Porowski’s tip of having a fresh pillow on standby is foolproof.

Art deco-meets-Machine Age lamp: What nightstand would be complete without some sort of light source ? And while lamps are easily overlooked on the nightstand, Porowski takes great pride in the artistic piece that he sleeps next to. “It’s basically a deco-ey, Machine Age-inspired lamp, [and] the lampshade is this ribbed ceramic,” Porowski described. (I’m eagerly awaiting for a photo!)

As for anything Porowski avoids keeping on his nightstand — ironically enough, it’s food. “I don’t eat in the bedroom, the bedroom is very much a zen space and I keep it kind of compartmentalized,” Porowski said. “The bedroom is more purely for sleeping.” And in an age where creating purpose and boundaries at home is crucial, I couldn’t agree more.

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