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9 Landscape Design Ideas for Spring

by Rick Anderson

In a quarter century of shooting gardens, Clive Nichols has become a master of the subject. The British photographer has turned his camera on the Prince of Wales’s private garden in Scotland, Lord Rothschild’s private garden in Corfu (an island off Greece), and Lord Heseltine’s private garden in Oxfordshire, among others. In the new book Paradise Found: Gardens of Enchantment (TeNeues, $55), 154 of Nichols’s photographs speak for themselves. In contrast to many other lensmen, Nichols isn’t afraid to use fading sunlight; in fact, he capitalizes on it, creating lush, almost moody images. They’re a striking reminder that the landscape should be as essential a part of design as a well-decorated interior.

Tulips grow among sculpture and topiary at Pashley Manor Gardens in East Sussex, England.

Boxwood shrubs dot the landscape surrounding the sculpture "Welcome the New Year" by Everard Menell at Grange Court Garden in Guernsey

Snow has dusted a pathway bathed in dawn light at Wollerton Old Hall Garden in Shropshire, England.

Sunlight grazes the conservatory at Ulting Wick Garden in Essex, England.

A resting bench in the distance is perfect for admiring the sundial at Carney House Gardens in Gloucestershire, England.

Leaves change color during autumn on the the grounds at Hever Castle & Gardens in Kent, England.

Naturalistic plants surround a bridge at Giardino di Ninfa in Latina, Italy.

Tulips and a berberis hedge lead up to a pathway at Pashley Manor Gardens in East Sussex, England.

The manicured bushes provide a fine example of French topiary and gardens at Les Confines in Provence, France.

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