101 Best Rose Tattoos For Men: Cool Designs + Ideas (2021 Guide)

  Rose tattoos are incredibly popular thanks in part to their versatility. While a rose tattoo isn’t the first thought you have when you think of badass tattoo ideas for men to get, there are actually a number of cool rose designs that look really good. Rose tattoos for guys can encompass traditional red designs or small, simple ideas. You can even pick colored, black and grey, or black and white artwork.

  Furthermore, rose tattoo designs are extremely flexible and can work on most body parts, including the arm, forearm, sleeve, chest, hand, back, wrist, thigh, neck, shoulder and leg. And while roses may conjure thoughts of femininity, the truth is that the rose tattoo is an eternal symbol of love, passion and remembrance of the dead that can be interpreted in many ways.

  Ultimately, the best rose tattoos are those that suit your own personality and style. If you aren’t sure where to start, here’s everything you need to know about getting a cool men’s tattoo. Whether you want a rose with thorns, a flower sleeve, or just a gallery of pictures to inspire new ideas for your ink, check out these awesome rose tattoos for men!

  Rose Tattoo Meaning

  There’s a reason why the rose is one of the most requested tattoos in the world today. On its very surface, it represents beauty and nature, but digging a little deeper, it’s far more significant. Rose tattoos are the perfect way to show love for a woman. However, the rose can mean more than just love and passion.

  A rose tattoo can signify promise, fresh beginnings, strength, power, peace and even a tribute to the dead. Color can also enhance and change the meaning of a rose tattoo.

  Red Rose Tattoo

  A red rose tattoo is associated with romance and passionate love. This artwork would look like a traditional rose, and some guys like to include the stem and thorns for added effect. A rose tattoo with thorns symbolizes sacrifice. Similarly, you can always choose a rose tattoo with a name to dictate loyalty and faithfulness.

  Yellow Rose Tattoo

  A yellow rose tattoo signifies friendship, optimism, and new beginnings due to its long association with the sun and its warmth. Nevertheless, in Asian cultures, the color can convey joy, wisdom, and power.

  White Rose Tattoo

  A white rose tattoo is a symbol of purity, sympathy, and spirituality. As the official wedding flower, a white rose may also show undying, true love.

  Orange Rose Tattoo

  An orange rose tattoo can represent a mix of things. Because orange is a combination of red and yellow, an orange rose can mean both love and happiness for a special person. Orange rose tattoos can be the right choice for loved ones and family members.

  Black Rose Tattoo

  A black rose tattoo is thought to represent death, and while that may seem a little morbid to some, it can represent the death of a bad habit or old way and the start of something new. Black and grey rose tattoos can also define rebellion, so if you’re looking for a way to make a statement, black rose designs can be quite powerful.

  In the end, whether you pick a black or colored rose tattoo depends on what message you want to send to the world!

  Where To Get Rose Tattoos?

  Deciding where to get rose tattoos on your body can be a bit of a challenge. But if you take some time to think about how many roses you want, how big they should be, and the accompanying design (leaves, stems, and thorns, for example), you can narrow down the options. Men’s rose tattoos are versatile, but the location of your ink can impact the overall design.

  For instance, small and simple rose tattoos suit the hands, wrist, neck, and other areas. If you’re interested in a number of roses complete with their stems and leaves, your artist will need a good-sized canvas. Consider your back, chest, arm or leg for this kind of rose tattoo.

  If you want to scale things down, but still want a fairly large drawing, your bicep, shoulder and thigh are great candidates, as well. Finally, if you want to put your loved one’s name in a rose tattoo, consider putting it on your chest nearest your heart as a symbolic gesture of devotion.

  Remember that a rose tattoo can be as simple or complex as you would like, which provides you with a lot of freedom in terms of ideas. You can incorporate roses into other tattoos, or you can go with a single, long-stemmed rose.

  This variety also makes roses excellent first tattoos for men; you can start off with a small rose and add as much to it as you would like in the future, perhaps even graduating to a full rose tattoo sleeve on your arm.

  Best Rose Tattoo Designs

  With so many cool rose tattoo designs to pick from, guys can find it tricky choosing just one drawing or piece of artwork. Below, check out our collection of the best rose tattoos for all the different types you can get!


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